The Hanging Church in Cairo : The 13 best tourist activities and access

The Hanging Church in Cairo

The Hanging Church in Cairo, Egypt, is a religious archaeological entity, one of the most important historical Coptic monuments in Egypt, and one of the oldest churches in Egypt, the Orthodox Church of Saint Mary the Virgin, comes to be visited by tourists from all over the world. The church, which is named after this […]

Great Egyptian Museum in Giza

egypt Museum

In the large, shade-dappled atrium of Egypt’s new Grand Egyptian Museum, construction work encircled a vast sculpture of Ramses II, his left foot striding forward and fists tightly in readiness. 7 cities in EGYPT must visit it now ! Staff hospitable visiting journalists distributed assurances that the high ancient sculpture was safe from the continuing […]

7 cities in EGYPT must visit it now !

7 cities in EGYPT must visit it now !

Egypt enjoys a diverse and fascinating tourist icing and a long history that has cast its banks on the nature of its monuments spread throughout the country, making tourism in Egypt a unique experience that offers tourists the aspects of knowledge of ancient history and the entertainment aspects on the other. Tourism in Egypt is […]

2020 Is the best to Visit EGYPT


Visit Egypt had been at the highest of my list since the seventh-grade history category. To me, the Cradle of Civilization was a graduate-level travel locus, the grandest stop on a tour. therefore in Gregorian calendar month 2018, once I detected tourists were going back when a lull in political unrest, I reserved a flight […]

Advice to make your trip to Egypt smoother and more hassle-free.


Advice to make your trip to Egypt smoother and more hassle-free, Some destinations appear overwhelming notwithstanding however, you examine them, and Egypt is one in all those places. the majority take tours, thinking which will take all the trouble out of a visit. And don’t you want that were true? however, the truth is that […]

5 Tips must do it before visit EGYPT

visit EGYPT

before visit EGYPT … To visit the traditional wonders of Egypt is to follow a path incised out through millennia by the Greeks, Romans, Medieval pilgrims, Egyptologists and, now, travelers. Visitors area unit drawn to witness the logic-defying feats of engineering that area unit the Pyramids of city, to envision prodigious temples and tombs that […]

In Egypt | How to travel around it

In Egypt How to travel around it

I used trains solely and that they were reliable and comfy, although a small amount filthy. I bought the tickets on-line, they were terribly reasonable for the distances and also the standards of the journey. I took the subsequent routes, bushed AC1 category (the best on the market really): Cairo – Luxor, 10 hours, I […]

In Egypt | How to Visiting Pyramids safely

In Egypt How to Visiting Pyramids safely

One of the most attractions of Egypt square measure Pyramids of El Giza. Every day thousands of individuals visit Pyramids, and that i can’t blame them. It’s a spectacular web site, and it gets the total hoopla for a reason. After all, everybody has detected of the El Giza pyramid complicated, geological dating back to […]

Best Tips to visit Egypt ( part 2 )

Best Tips to visit Egypt ( part 2 )

How to get a SIM card at Cairo airport Another factor you ought to do once inward to Egypt is obtaining a neighborhood SIM card. When you leave the arrival hall, still within the building, on the left you may realize the booths of 3 mobile providers: Vodafone, Etisalat and Orange. I got my card […]

Best Tips to visit Egypt ( part 1 )

Best Tips to visit Egypt part 1

For some reason I haven’t detected of the many individuals visiting Egypt on their own, while not going for beach holidays. I knew one one who did Egypt travel severally and enjoyed it however that wasn’t enough on behalf of me to be assured enough. But then I scan the article concerning Cairo and that […]