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How to get a SIM card at Cairo airport

Another factor you ought to do once inward to Egypt is obtaining a neighborhood SIM card.

When you leave the arrival hall, still within the building, on the left you may realize the booths of 3 mobile providers: Vodafone, Etisalat and Orange.

I got my card at Orange, solely as a result of at that moment it had the shortest line.

I was fascinated by web knowledge solely therefore got three,5GB of web for a hundred EGP. the entire procedure was simple, took perhaps couple of minutes.

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I solely required the passport to induce the cardboard, putting in it and creating everything work was taken care of.

I can’t complain concerning the coverage because the phone was operating a lot of or less all over I visited. solely generally on the train it absolutely was losing the signal however that happens in European country too.

I was proud of the web speed and that i will advocate obtaining the cardboard from Orange.

How to get from Cairo airport to the center

The reason why I wished to urge the SIM card as before long as doable was obtaining out of the airdrome swimmingly.

Apparently there square measure some buses connecting Cairo airdrome with downtown however the instant I saw Uber is working in Cairo at terribly affordable costs I knew I’m planning to use it.

It took some messages back and forth with the driving force however we have a tendency to finally found one another and a few half-hour later i used to be already ahead of my edifice in downtown Cairo.

I paid a hundred EGP for the ride that i believe may be a extremely truthful value for a hassle-free journey from the airdrome when incoming.

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How to get around Cairo

Cairo is large and therefore the main sights area unit placed a touch faraway from one another.

The best thanks to get to a number of the places (Egyptian deposit and therefore the Downtown, Cairo Tower, Coptic Cairo or Khan el-Khalili) is by railway line. It’s fast, low cost and simple to use (there area unit signs in each Arabic and English).

Before you go transfer to your phone Cairo railway line map – you may positively want it!

Once at the station you initially ought to get the price tag – the value depends on the space however presumably you may pay three EGP as that’s the most cost effective fare that covers up to nine stations of the journey.

With the price tag visit the platform and off you visit your destination.

If {you area unit|you’re} a lady and don’t feel comfy riding in mixed carriages there are woman-only carriages placed within the middle of the train – signs at the platform can show you wherever you must anticipate them.

Remember to stay the price tag with you – you may want it to go away the platform once you get to your destination.

If you wish to travel somewhere railway line doesn’t reach (like the stronghold or city Pyramids) you must take Uber.

There area unit varied mini buses going around however problem {solving} them out may be a heap of problem so Uber is your best choice, particularly with cheap costs.

But I did had some problems victimisation Uber in Cairo.

While it absolutely was no downside to urge the ride for extended distances just like the aerodrome or Pyramids I couldn’t comprehend for shorter routes. I’ve tried few times and once a short while drivers canceled on Maine, claiming they did arrive however i used to be not there (I was charged 10GBP for no-show however got refunded once I aforesaid I so was at the place however the motive force didn’t show up).

Cairo may be a walkable town and that i had no issues with walking around though crossing the road was generally nerve-racking.

If you don’t mind being enclosed by folks and moving vehicles (in all directions and perpetually beeping) you may be fine walking around in Cairo.

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