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The Egyptian Knowledge Bank has two main gates, each of which is divided into a number of sub portals. The first main portal is the information access portal one of the largest digital libraries and an electronic knowledge center in the world,

which offers free access to educational and scientific publications in many branches of knowledge for all the people within the Arab Republic of Egypt. Using the national number, e-mail and some simple personal and functional data and its services are provided through four sub portals for readers, researchers, students, and teachers as well as children.

Any Egyptian inside the Egyptian territory only will be able to grant free access to the website. The website has four portals to address a wide range of internet users; the children, students, researchers, and general readers portals. EKB is expected to hold offline public events and workshops across several universities, schools, youth centers and cultural centers in different governorates.

The second main portal of The Egyptian Knowledge Bank is the portal for the production and dissemination of local academic information for Egyptian universities, institutes, research centers, and any research or academic entity within the Arab Republic of Egypt through an integrated electronic publishing system in accordance with international standards. The portal includes an integrated system to support the documentation of scientific and research knowledge content for all universities and research centers, which supports Egypt’s scientific and research memory through:

1. The system of managing, indexing and keeping scientific patrols electronically.
2. A conference management system that includes documenting scientific competitions, conference workshops, registration of participants, exhibition management and management of the publishing workflow system.
3. The system of assessing the GDP of research through an integrated excellence designed for scientific bodies to monitor and evaluate their local scientific journals.
4. The system of preserving and collecting the GDP nationally for all researchers at the level of the Republic
5. Save and retrieve all data through a centralized system with tight system management.

Egyptian knowledge bank
Egyptian knowledge bank

Knowledge Bank of Egypt, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Technical Education, provides many sources of knowledge, education and research information documented from the largest publishing houses in the world, which are suitable for all age groups and education in both Arabic and English languages, starting with children’s stories.

Pictured and sound as well as knowledge circles for different sciences and many different educational materials and documentary sources and even scientific periodicals, specialized books and university letters, as the Egyptian Knowledge Bank carries out many specialized workshops and scientific publishing services in cooperation with Biot Leading expertise and publishing – to name but a few – of various institutions, universities and ministries of state as well as institutions of the Egyptian armed forces

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